Asbestos free sealing yarns
Twist Yarn Tex: 150-2000 tex
   Tex: 68-1200 tex
   Raw Materials: Glass filament, Carbon fiber filament, Ni-alloy wire, Stainless steel wire etc.
• Wrapper: Polyester fiber, Viscose, Aramid fiber, Ramie and Glass fiber etc.

 Construction of Yarns
 Total weight: 590 tex             
 Core: one glass filament     
 Wrapper: Acrylic fiber
 Total weight: 500 tex              
 Twisted yarn: Dref yarn 250 tex*2 
 * Dref yarn 250 tex
   Core: one glass filament             Wrapper: Acrylic fiber
 Total weight: 600 tex
 Twisted yarn: Dref 300 tex*2
 * Dref yarn 300tex
   Core: one glass filament             
Wrapper: Aramid fiber

Technical Report.pdf

According to the needs of customers , we can manufacture various types of yarns

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