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ZLJ friction woven oilfield brake blocks are produced using the highest quality duty blended Dref yarns available. These friction materials are produced with fiberglass,acrylic fibers, and copper inserts. Synthetic phenolic resins are also used to reach the ideal friction coefficient and thus be able to guarantee the best quality and the longest life possible for the product.

The lining is woven in one piece on massive looms, under proper tension to insure a tightly woven superior quality product.

Many years of research and development resulted in a proven and dependable woven lining that provides stable friction performance for longer periods under greater shock loads,increased temperatures and faster rubbing speeds.

Woven brake linings, given its great versatility, can be adapted to different applications,such as: overhead cranes, elevators, winches, dredgers, and farming and naval machinery, among others. Blocks are used especially in the Oil Industry for drilling.

The material is available in rolls and can be cut, straightened and drilled to make bands or pads. Cutting the width and thickness requested by the client  (Width: 1" to 13"; and Thickness: 3/16" to 7/8").





















ZLJBLOCK woven products do not contain asbestos and they comply with all sizes.

We can produce all kinds of asbestos and non-asbestos plugs of filling the holes of the woven brake blocks. 

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Woven Brake Blocks Testing Report (No.1.1).pdf
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Woven Brake Blocks Testing Report (No.2.1).pdf
Woven Brake Blocks Testing Report (No.2.2).pdf

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